American vs. International Styles

A big difference between the styles is that the American style of dancing is competed and taught predominately in the United States whereas the International style is competed and taught all over the world. The American style of dancing was also derived from the International style and is often considered more simpler and easier to learn than the International style, which is why most dance studios teach it instead of the International style. The American style of dancing is considered more of a social style of dancing and is the style that most people will be dancing at your local venue.

American Style: “rhythm” and “smooth” dances:
Competitive Rhythm dances include:
 – Cha Cha – 
Swing – 
Bolero – 
Competitive Smooth dances include : 
Waltz – 
Tango – 
Foxtrot – 
Viennese Waltz
If you are a competitor of the American style and you compete in both the rhythm and the smooth categories  it is said that you compete in the 9-dance division (five rhythm dances + four smooth dances = 9 dances).

International Style : 
”Latin” and “standard” dances:
Latin dances include:  
Cha Cha – 
Samba – Rumba –  
Paso Doble – Jive
Standard dances include: 
Waltz – 
Tango – 
Viennese Waltz – Foxtrot -
 Quickstep. If you compete in International style and you compete in both the Latin and the standard categories, it is said that you compete in10-dance category (five Latin dances + five standard dances = 10 dances).

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