Ballroom DancingWelcome to Ballroom Dancing Unlimited, the online university for ballroom dancers. As the name implies, we offer many different services to all types of ballroom dancers: Social Ballroom, Competitive Ballroom, Scrutineer workshop, Invigilator Friendly routines, Dance shoes, Dance costumes…etc. We surely have something for everyone.

We teach all styles of ballroom dancing :

International Latin and Standard ; American Smooth and Rhythm

Should I Dance American or International?

A good rule of thumb is if you intend to only dance socially, learn the American style. 90% of social dancers will be dancing the American style at any given venue in the U.S. If you want to compete only in the United States, American is also a good choice. If, however, you want to compete all over the world (or just compete in general) or you intend to move to Europe, it’s highly suggested that you learn the International style. If you are familiar with ballet and modern dancing, here’s an analogy: the International style is like ballet. It’s very technical and will make you into a very efficient and precise dancer. The American style is like modern dancing. Technique is still involved but it isn’t as focused – movements are more loose or free. The American style of dancing was also derived from the International style and is often considered more simple and easy to learn which is why most dance studios teach it instead of the International style.